Krishna Palacio

Forge Your Orc Kingdom with This Vibrant 8x8 Asset Pack!
An infernal yet charming 8x8 tileset!
The greatest carnival ever created in 8x8 resolution!
8x8 tileset for creating raided and pillaged villages
8x8 tileset for creating abandoned spaceships infested by swarm aliens
Charming 8x8 tileset for creating undead kingdoms
Charming 8x8 tileset for creating from small wayside shrines to imposing temples
Charming 8x8 tileset for creating thick mysterious jungles.
Charming 8x8 tileset for creating advanced lost civilization ruins.
Lots of low-res resources to add magic weapons and status effects to your game.
3 archetypal RPG Heroes completely animated.
Charming 8x8 tileset for creating ships of all sizes and bustling docks.
Add-on to transform 18 big animals from Minifantasy collection into mounts + 5 exclusive new mounts
Charming 8x8 tileset for making modular construction mechanics.
Charming 8x8 dwarven kingdom tileset. Underground tileset (city and caves) + props
28 fully animated animals to bring life to your game
Charming 8x8 elven kingdom tileset. Outdoor/indoor tiles + props
Charming 8x8 castle tileset. Outdoor/indoor tiles + props
Layered resources to create hundreds of thousands of unique NPCs for your game
Animations and work stations for Fishing, Hunting, Cooking and more! + 1500 8x8 crafting icons.
3 archetypal RPG Heroes completely animated. 40+ different animations in total
A complete low-res GUI asset pack. GUI, HUD, menus and more!
8x8 Building tileset (Indoor and Outdoor). Over 700 tiles + props and furniture
8 Professions (gathering and crafting), 9 work stations and 2000 crafting 8x8 icons.
5 Magic Schools, 3 spells per School and 6 compatible characters. Over 120 different possible animations!
4x4 tileset. Over 1300 tiles + 120 props!
Charming 8x8 tileset. Over 230 tiles + 30 props X 2 color palettes
Charming 8x8 tileset. Over 275 tiles + 25 props
Charming 8x8 tileset to make intricate cave systems
Charming 8x8 tileset. Over 200 desert tiles + 35 props
Over 310 farm tiles + 15 different crops with 3 growing states + 6 animated farm animals + props and complements
Create cartographic style maps in pixel art. This asset pack contains over 200 tiles and 64 Locations!
Create over 120 charming combat animations. 6 characters and 14 different weapons to use in your 8x8px projects.
Charming Town 8x8 tileset (Indoor and Outdoor). Over 330 tiles + 100 props and furniture sprites
Charming 8x8 tileset. 380 tiles + 26 decoration sprites
28 Charming tiny creatures and a total of 150 animations to use in your low-res projects

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