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💖 Support me on Patreon and receive awesome benefits! 

Welcome to Minifantasy⛓️Dungeon! 

A charming 8x8 dungeon tileset. It includes all you need to create a fantasy-themed dungeon. Tiles, props and two fully animated characters!


🧩 Tileset

✨ Dungeon tiles, including a variety of floors, walls and doors

🪴 Props

✨ Dungeon furniture and decoration (tables, chairs, banners, jars, crates and more)

✨ Animated torches and candles

🧌 Creatures

✨ A human hero with 7 animations (idle, walk, jump, attack, charged attack, damaged and die), in four different directions

✨ An Orc enemy with 7 animations (idle, walk, jump, attack, charged attack, damaged and die), in four different directions

📦Minifantasy Bundle

🌟 If you're looking to get the entire Minifantasy collection at the most affordable price, then the complete bundle is the perfect option for you 

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💖 Support me on Patreon and receive awesome benefits! 

From just $3/month, you get:

  • 📬 A new Minifantasy asset pack on Itch every month
  • 🎁 Patreon exclusive monthly Content (new creatures, extra features and icons)
  • 🔓 Instant access to the Minifantasy exclusive archive containing all those juicy Minifantasy extras! (100+ addons available right away!)
  • 🗳️ Voting rights to decide the theme of the next Minifantasy pack.
  • 👋 Access to our amazing and super-talented Dev Community in Discord
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If you want to influence Minifantasy direction, higher tiers also get:

  • 📢 Voting rights to decide the Patreon exclusive sprites.
  • 💡Rights to Suggest Minifantasy pack themes. These suggestions go to the monthly poll.
  • 🧠 Rights to suggest Patreon-exclusive sprites (new creatures, extra features and icons). These suggestions go to the monthly poll.

Patreon Exclusive Content:

Deadly Traps compatible with Minifantasy - Dungeon

Patreon Exclusive Content:

Deadly Traps compatible with Minifantasy - Dungeon

- - - - -


This asset pack is completely free to use for your non-commercial projects. If you want to use these assets in a commercial project, a commercial license is provided upon a donation of 2.99$ or more.

Thanks for supporting my work :)

▸Free License:

By acquiring this asset pack:

1) You are allowed to:

a) Use all the assets included in this pack only in your own non-commercial projects. 

b) Edit and alter the assets included in this pack with the purpose of including them in your own non-commercial projects.

2) You are NOT allowed to:

a) Use any of the assets included in this pack in any kind of commercial project.

a) Re-distribute or re-sell any of the assets included in this pack, or any altered versions of them, as games assets, images or NFTs.

3) You must:

a) Credit me (Krishna Palacio) in your video game or audio-visual digital project credits.

b) Send me a link to the project upon completion.

▸Commercial License:

By acquiring this asset pack:

1) You are allowed to:

a) Use all the assets included in this pack in your own non-commercial or commercial videogame or audio-visual digital project an unlimited number of times. 

b) Edit and alter the assets included in this pack with the purpose of including them in your own non-commercial or commercial video game or audio-visual digital project.

2) You are NOT allowed to:

a) Re-distribute or re-sell any of the assets included in this pack, or any altered versions of them, as games assets, images or NFTs.

3) You must:

a) Credit me (Krishna Palacio) in your video game or audio-visual digital project credits.

b) Send me a link to the project upon completion.

- - - - -

💡Other Minifantasy Asset Packs

Updated 8 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorKrishna Palacio
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Sprites, Tileset, Top-Down


Get this asset pack and 48 more for $49.90 USD
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Really nice looking pixel arts
used them and your dungeon SFX in my game


Hey! Thanks for sharing, it's Pretty cool :) definitely hard (the Dark Souls of the Wizard of Legends xD). The control feels pretty responsive and the gameplay is polished. Congrats!

Thanks for the feedback and I'm sure to eventually add a HP system for the player! thank you!

Hi,Thank You,but some assets lack of some frames to use as a Animation clip。I see you make some Animation in Patreon Exclusive Content,so i if buy the complete package, i still don't get the patreon Exclusive Content right?

Hi Yanyan,

The spike trap is included in the itch asset pack. Check the floor tiles sprite sheet, you will find them on the right side. This is a 2 frame animation (spikes out or spikes in).

About the Patreon exclusive content, you need to be a Patreon subscriber to access the extras. As Patron you get new main asset pack releases on Itch at no extra cost + all Patreon exclusive content. I publish exclusive content for the collection on Patreon every month (asset pack add-ons and exclusive creatures). So far there are 76 exclusive creatures, 70 pack add-ons, 33 Icon sets and 8 seasonal asset packs. The dungeon trap add-on is one of the Patreon exclusives, so you have to be a Patreon member in order to get access to it.

(1 edit)

Hi! 2 years ago me and my friends started a project with this assets pack. Yesterday we uploaded the game to steam. It is free to play! Cheers!

SuperDungeon MegaCorp steam page (click here)

Hi, I've made a demo game using your assets. Thank you.

Hey, love your characters and their animations, used them in my game for weekly game jam!

Thanks for sharing it here Duzda :) It's an addicting little game ^^

Heyy, I just purchased the asset! You did great, this looks gorgeous!! I'm making a game with it, I'll let you know when it's finished :D 

Anyway, keep it up, really nice work !

Thanks a lot for the support Roguetaver! :) I can't wait to see your game ^^

Hi, I just purchased the bundle, really nice work. 

I did have one question: is there a way to add clothing or equipment to the animated player characters (the humanoids)?

The myriad of NPC's pack I saw has a lot of this, but only for the walk etc animations, not for the combat animations (and not for the others, like in the weapons pack).

Am I overlooking something?


Hi gdewaele, thanks for your support. I'm glad you like the collection :)

There are some outfits for the humanoid characters (human, elf, orc, goblin, halfling and dwarf) available for Patreon supporters. But they are only covering the base animations: idle, walk, attack, dmg and die, and also the spell animations for the wizard outfits. The outfit system is very difficult to handle in an ever-growing open-ended collection like Minifantasy. 

The reason is that I often introduce new animations for the 6 humanoid characters in new asset packs (for example, the crafting and professions asset pack include a lot of animations to use the workbenches, the fishing animation, bug catching animation, etc.) To maintain a collection of updated and usable outfits I would need to make new animations for every piece of the already existing outfits to match the newly added animations. It will just add more and more work if I decide to add a new outfit, as there are more and more animations being added.

As I would need to retrospectively update every outfit, it will lead to a point where I spend more time maintaining outfits than making new real content. That's why I decided to stop adding "official" outfits for the playable characters.

For the NPCs it was a different situation because those characters animations are limited and they will not receive new animations, So I don't need to worry about retrospective updates.

Other devs using Minifantasy assets have solved this problem making the outfits needed in their games using as a template the outfits you can find on Patreon and in the myriad of NPC's pack.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience it may cause you. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

hi! i used your asset pack for a game i did for a bullet hell jam.

thank you :)


Fun Football game! My record is 12 points xDDDD I need to keep practicing :P

Thanks for using my little character!

(1 edit)

hello! we used and altered your asset pack for an entry in a game jam :)

Hey! Thanks for sharing it with me ^^ I just tested the game, it's fun! I really liked the mechanic of taking control of the enemies with the parasite  🐛 Good luck!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey once again! I used your character again in another Game Jam entry: (WOWIE 3.0). However, he's the bad guy now :) I have put links to your page in the game description, and the starting screen of the game. Hope this counts as Credit.

Nice to see another of your games with my little dudes running around :D But this time they are the big dudes :P Thanks for using them so often, you made my day!

haha they are indeed the big bad dudes this time! No problem, thanks again for making them!


hi there, quick question, this package is supposed to be free? or it's an error?

asking cuz i was sure it was part of the bundle as i was checking them

Hi! Minifantasy Dungeon is free :) enjoy it!


oh amazing! some day soon i'll be showing you what i end up doing with it, super thanks!

Cool! I can't wait to play it :P

Hey again, I just finished another game jam and used your assets again. Its a sequel to the maze one, but this time a tower defence/top down shooter game as the theme was genre mixing. Thanks again for the asset pack!


Hey mate, love your art style. I just used these sprite sheets in a submission for scream jam 2020, put your details on my page and the youtube videos I made about it, hope that is ok? TINE Project link

Thanks! :) I have been playing your game, it is scary! I love to see the assets being used in a horror game, they fit unexpectedly well in a creepy way. Good luck and keep the good work up!


thanks! I know right?! I was planning on making my own towards the end of the jam but the more I watched his little eyes blink, the less I wanted to replace him lol


hi, i love this asset and i use them for my game.

thank you.

Thanks for sharing your game with us!!! I'm glad you enjoyed Minifantasy assets :)
Now... Back to save those prisoners! :D


Lots of great assets. Thanks for sharing them! I notice the license for your 3 assets packs only talk about producing digital content. Would I be permitted to produce a physical game using your assets for commercial purposes, please? I would credit you and send you info about the project.


Hi antikx, I am so happy you like my work :) Your project sounds interesting! I worked many years in the board game industry and I love it. I think I can extend you a license for your project, but I would like to know a bit more about it before. Shall we continue the conversation in Twitter? 


woooow, beautiful.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)


Thanks for this tileset! :)

Can I make some edits and use this in the project? I'll credit you as an author.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! :D Yes, sure you can. I would love to see it! Share it here when you feel it is ready ;)


I love these tiles and sprites! I hope studying them will help me get as good at pixel-art as you are!! :)

Thank you Zed! We all are students in this journey :)


These are great! Would love to see a scifi theme asset set too. Great work!


That would be super cool. I took note of your request ;)


This is adorable and very readable! Love the bright colors against walls and floors.

I wondered if you could upload a zip file rather than rar? I can’t open the archive on my system.


Hi! I'm glad you like it :D I just uploaded the zip file. If you have any issue let me know.


Thanks a lot for that!

I may use these for a Pico-8 jam, which means I’ll need to recolor sprites and simplify the animations; I hope I do your work justice!


I'm sure it will look amazing :D If you end ussing these assets share the link to your game here please!

Deleted 3 years ago

Alpha it is amazing!!! :D I am really happy to see how you used all the animations, they look really smooth. Grat job! I can't wait to see more progress. Now I am following you now in twitter (the best excuse to finally use an account I created in 2011 and I never used xD better late than never :P).

btw, I saw you made your own side doors, I totally need to add them to the pack. I will update it ASAP.

Deleted 3 years ago

Really good pixel art..

Can i use this on my project?

Thank you!!


Of course you can! :D If you end using my assets on your project share it with me please, I would love to see it!


realy nice art work keep making this 

Thanks for the support! An update for this asset pack is in the making ;)  I also have plans to release compatible asset packs in the near future. If you have any specific preference for upcoming content don't hesitate to let me know!

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks bro! You made my day :D Seriously!


Great work. (thumbs up)

Thank you! :D