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Welcome to Minifantasy👩🏻‍🌾Farm!

This charming 8x8 tileset includes everything you need to create farms for your RPG or farming game! It features crops in various stages of growth, animated farm animals, farm-building tiles for both outdoor and indoor settings, and much more!

  • Crops depicted in multiple stages of growth, from the initial seedling stage to fully mature plants, allowing you to create dynamic farms that change over time.
  • Animated farm animals for bringing your farm to life. These animals add a touch of charm and can serve as interesting game elements for players to interact with.
  • Farm-building tiles that can be used in a variety of settings, both outdoors and indoors.

🎨 What does this asset pack include?

🧩 Tileset

✨ Dirt

✨ Grass

✨ Plowed and cultivated fields (in 3 different states of hydration)

✨ Dirt and stone paths

✨ Farm building (exterior and interior)

✨ Wooden walls

✨ Wooden floor

✨ Roof

✨ Floor covered by hay

✨ Doors and gates

✨ Fence 

✨ Pilars 

🌱 Crops

✨ Pepper

✨ Cauliflower

✨ Garlic

✨ Radish

✨ Potato

✨ Lettuce

✨ Rice

✨ Corn

✨ Sunflower

✨ Tomato

✨ Wheat

✨ Beet

✨ Cranberries

✨ Eggplant

✨ Pumpkin 

🐮 Farm Animals

✨ Sheep

✨ Goat

✨ Cow

✨ Donkey

✨ Pig

✨ Rabbit

👨🏻‍🌾Icons For Farming Actions

✨ Plow

✨ Harvest

✨ Shear

✨ Plant

✨ Feed

✨ Slaughter

✨ Water

✨ Milk

✨ Get water

- - - - -

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Patreon Exclusive Content


Patreon Exclusive Content


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📜 Commercial License:

By acquiring this asset pack:

1) You are allowed to:

a) Use all the assets included in this pack in your own non-commercial or commercial videogame or audio-visual digital project an unlimited number of times.

b) Edit and alter the assets included in this pack with the purpose of including them in your own non-commercial or commercial video game or audio-visual digital project.

2) You are NOT allowed to:

a) Re-distribute or re-sell any of the assets included in this pack, or any altered versions of them, as games assets, images or NFTs.

3) You must:

a) Credit me (Krishna Palacio) in your video game or audio-visual digital project credits.

b) Send me a link to the project upon completion.

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AuthorKrishna Palacio
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Farming, Pixel Art, Sprites, Tileset, Top-Down


Get this asset pack and 54 more for $49.90 USD
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Development log


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Would you be willing to let me build an adaptive audio system with libPD to get some experience in adding an audio engine to an existing game? Please reach out at

It'd be nice if there was actual animations for them doing stuff like watering and tilling the soil instead of just a little balloon indicating, especially considering the building and crafting professions 1 & 2 all have animations for them. 


Hey! Thanks for taking the time to write down your suggestion. Those additions would no doubt round up the asset pack. I will have into account your comments for future updates.

For transparency, I would like to tell you about how the collection is managed and how updates and new content is decided:

The content of Minifantasy, for both new asset packs and updates and other additions for already published ones, is suggested and voted on every month by Minifantasy's Patreon community. As there are many packs in the collection (and devs with different needs) it may take some time until some of the potential updates are suggested and voted enough so they make their way to the top of the working priority list, but everything eventually does :)

I know this system may be a little bit frustrating (especially if you are waiting for some assets to be made to add a feature to your game and it's taking time to be addressed because the community is voting on something else) but so far this system has been working well as it ensures Minifantasy evolves into the direction that majority agrees on.

It absolutely is. That's why I stopped paying for the Patreon access. 


I really appreciate you had been supporting the project. It's a shame to hear that the community-driven approach was a determining factor to decide to stop your subscription. I understand it doesn't work for everyone.

Thanks for sharing your point of view, It's always good to listen to all opinions. I'll keep trying to make the collection more attractive and add value to the subscription.

Personally it was mostly due to the community driven approach. I really do like the resources you have and the the art style, but when trying to cobble something together, when you have ranged and varied themes it makes it hard. I really wish there was a focus on one specific theme and making sure they work well together instead of whatever the community decides. 

I am currently working on a ORPG for BYOND using the stuff I have already purchased, but there's gaps and inconsistencies that often make it difficult. Like the NPC Pack, I was really looking forward to having more choices for clothing and stuff, but it's all goofy stuff. I was hoping for more fantasy type things, like armor, helmets, stuff like that. The NPC pack ended up being utterly useless to me besides using a reference for attempting to design my own gear. Considering the overall theme of most of the packs I was surprised when we were given stuff like cowboy hats, but there wasn't actually many fantasy options considering a large majority of the packs are fantasy.

I really enjoyed the Sci-Fi pack, I thought it was well done, I even thought it could be a good resource to try to use for something like a Space Station 13 server, but there just isn't enough there. I need more space stuff to justify even attempting such a huge task. 

I am currently working on a lot of crafting aspects and decided it'd be good to also try and incorporate farming and stuff for side gigs for the players, only to discover there wasn't any animations for the actions, when compared to the crafting stuff it just doesn't work well. Like there's animations for all sorts of stuff and then then the farming is just balloons. It left me trying to decide how I wanted to go about implementing the whole thing and I decided to just cut the entire farming aspect from the game, which is disappointing because I very much have a soft spot for farming sims.

There's inconsistencies between packs that also create issues. I really enjoy your mount pack, but it isn't compatible with the NPC pack. While all the clothing options are nice, those options don't really carry over to any of the other packs. Like, why would NPCs be clothed and yet all the players are walking around naked?  The clothing options don't cover mount driven characters or even the weapon packs. So now I have to decide on if I am going to just leave players naked or make my own animations for the clothing options. Even the true heroes packs are missing most of the animations created in individual packs. It's like content is being created without any consideration to what was already created. 

I am just a hobbyist developer, I have to accept the fact that I am limited to what I can either create on my own or pay for, but there's a lot of missing spaces in between the current resources you're offering. I apologize if this comes off as overly critical, but there's just a lot of empty spaces not being filled in between packs which ultimately ends up changing how I want to do things. At the end of the day I hope you just consider what I am saying for future projects.  

Hello, can the action of agriculture explain what is being done specifically, there are a few I can not see out

Excuse me for the later reply, you caught me on holiday ^^' 

The actions from top-bottom and left-right are:

- Ploughing

- Planting

- Watering

- Harvesting

- Feed cattle

- Milking 

- Shearing/pruning

- Meat harvesting

- Water Filling


Thanks for these packs, they look great. Do you have a color palette available so I can create my own assets to go along with these? Would be very much appreciated! Thanks.


Hi! Thank you ^^

I took note about your suggestion, I'll include it in every pack from now on.

I'll prepare it for you assap. You can find me in Twitter @Krishna_Palacio, it is easier for me to keep communications there.


This is very cool.

Thank you c4t51k!