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Minifantasy - Crafting And Professions


Minifantasy is the ultimate top-down fantasy asset collection for game developers. With an 8x8 resolution full of character, it's one of the largest and most detailed collections available on the market. Whether you're looking to prototype a new game or create a fully-fledged, polished experience, Minifantasy has everything you need!

Released in April 2020, Minifantasy has consistently added new content to the collection monthly. That means you'll always have access to fresh, high-quality assets to bring your game ideas to life!


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Welcome to Minifantasy - Crafting And Professions, a charming asset pack with all you need to incorporate crafting into your top-down RPG fantasy game: props, animations, items and icons. 

This pack includes a wide range of nodes and related items for 3 gathering professions, 9 workstations for 5 crafting professions, and 2000 crafting 8x8 icons for weapons, armours, trinkets and potions.

What does this asset pack include?

3 Gathering professions

  • Mining (full nodes and depleted nodes, pick up items for ores and gems)

  • Logging (trees and trunks, pick up items for logs)

  • Harvesting (full plants and depleted plants, pick up items for plants and herbs)

5 crafting professions with 9 associated workstations

  • Blacksmith (foundry, furnace and anvil)


  •  Woodwork (sawmill and workbench)

  • Tailor (spinning wheel and loom)


  • Jewelry (workshop)

  • Alchemy (laboratory)

2000 crafting 8x8 icons for resources, materials and craftable items

  • 1395 Weapon icons (9 unique models with 155 variations for each model based on the crafting materials)

  • 390 Armour/clothing icons (13 unique models with 30 variations for each model based on the crafting materials)

  • 105 Trinket icons (3 unique models with 35 variations for each model based on the crafting materials)

  • 54 Potion icons (3 unique models with 18 variations for each model based on the crafting materials used)

  • 52 Raw resource and refined material icons

6 fully animated humanoid characters for each profession.

  • 6 Mining animations (human, elf, orc, halfling, goblin and dwarf)
  • 6 Chopping tree animations (human, elf, orc, halfling, goblin and dwarf)
  • 6 Harvesting animation (human, elf, orc, halfling, goblin and dwarf)
  • 6 Laboratory animations (human, elf, orc, halfling, goblin and dwarf)
  • 6 Anvil animations (human, elf, orc, halfling, goblin and dwarf)
  • 6 Workshop animations (human, elf, orc, halfling, goblin and dwarf)
  • 6 Workbench animations (human, elf, orc, halfling, goblin and dwarf)

12 Shop/business signs in 3 different shapes and colours

  • Standup sign
  • wall sign
  • Wall hanging sign
  • Building side sign

- - - - -

There is also available an Official SFX Pack for Minifantasy - Crafting And Professions I by Leohpaz

- - - - -

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Patreon Exclusive Content:

Exclusive NPC characters

Miner and lumberjack NPC characters. Fully animated in 4 directions (idle, walk, work, dmg and die animations)


Patreon Exclusive Content:

Exclusive NPC characters

Miner and lumberjack NPC characters. Fully animated in 4 directions (idle, walk, work, dmg and die animations)

- - - - -

Commercial License:

By acquiring this asset pack:

1) You are allowed to:

a) Use all the assets included in this pack in your own non-commercial or commercial videogame or audio-visual digital project an unlimited number of times. 

b) Edit and alter the assets included in this pack with the purpose of including them in your own non-commercial or commercial video game or audio-visual digital project.

2) You are NOT allowed to:

a) Re-distribute or re-sell any of the assets included in this pack, or any altered versions of them, as games assets or images.

3) You must:

a) Credit me (Krishna Palacio) in your video game or audio-visual digital project credits.

b) Send me a link to the project upon completion.

- - - - -

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AuthorKrishna Palacio
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Crafting, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Farming, Pixel Art, Top-Down


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Hey, I was wondering if you considered adding a hauling animation or if that may be part of a future addition to the series. With that around, people could probably also look into creating village/city-builder games.

Hey Templum! How are you doing?

The carrying animation already exists as a Patreon add-on. Here you can see a preview of it: 

Besides the monthly releases on Itch, I also expand the collection every month through exclusive Patreon content. This type of small add-ons are suggested and voted on by the Patreon community.

If you have any other questions, let me know!

Have a nice day :)

Hello, I’ve enjoyed learning about your packs by watching Unpaws. Would you add more skincolors and maybe a base outfit to your base human character sprite. I think your hero packs and especially your npc pack help represent more people and have good outfits.

Hey there!

First, I want to say thank you for your support and feedback. I'm thrilled to hear you found out about Minifantasy thanks to Unpaws Games :)

Regarding your suggestion about adding more skin colors, I absolutely agree! It's something I want to improve in the collection. I totally understand that more skin color options included by default is something many people will appreciate.

The reality is that I’m alone making the collection and my time is limited, so it’s not always easy to manage all the aspects of it that needs more work, updates and improvements. However, I’m always pushing to make it better and I take every suggestion into consideration. So, I can’t give you a time frame, but you can be sure it’s something I want to improve.

That said, and as a temporary solution for now, the base character assets are simple enough to self-edit, and additional skin color palettes are already available in the NPC pack. So, at least, you can easily recolour the sprite sheet of the human animations.

As for the outfits, I used to be working on a series of outfits to overlay on the base characters, however, I had to discontinue them because keeping them updated with the ever-growing amount of animations (80+ animations for the base humanoid has been added in different pack releases over time), it turned out completely unmanageable. It was shifting my focus away from creating new assets, which is really where I want to put my energy. Although I won't be adding new outfits for now, you can still access the older ones from the Patreon archive (available only for the base character animations: idle, walk, attack, die, dmg…).

However, again, with some editing, you can use outfit pieces from NPCs pack, and apply them to the animations you use in your project for your characters.

Again, thanks for reaching out. Your input helps me make Minifantasy better for everyone!

Hello, Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I'm glad you're planning to add more skin colors and that your designs are accessible for editing. I look forward to seeing more of your work!


Wow this is so nicely done! Another impressive collection for Minifantasy assets pack. Congratulations :3

Thank you Netherwave! :) 


Great job, as always! :)

I'm glad you like it Antikx. Thanks!