Minifantasy - Weapons update 2.0 :)​​

Hi guys! 

 I'm happy to announce the release of Minifantasy - Weapons update 2.0  :)

Now this asset pack meet the same standards set up by Minifantasy - Creatures. You can combine both packs and work with them easily.

The size of every frame of every creature is 32x32px. The different animations of a given creature have been aligned to ensure a smooth transition between the different animations. So now you can add them easily to your game engine and start to use them straight up!

Updates, work in progress 8/10.

Minifantasy collection has so far 10 items, 8 of these have been already updated to the new standard (DungeonCreaturesForgotten PlainsDesolate DesertDeep CavesTownsIcy Wilderness and Weapons). I will update the rest in the following days/weeks. 


Minifantasy_Weapons v2.0.rar 141 kB
Nov 24, 2020
Minifantasy_Weapons 163 kB
Nov 24, 2020

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That's pretty hype!

Thanks Creus!