Minifantasy - Towns Update 2.0


It is time to update to the version 2.0 Minifantasy - Towns! Find below the changelog of this update:

  • Tiles layout have been overhauled in a much more clear a precise way
  • New tiles have added to maximize the flexibility of tile placement
  • Props are now layout in an 8x8 grid to facilitate the use of them in combination with the tiles
  • Hen and the chick animation sprite sheets have been remade to facilitate their use. Now the size of every frame is 8x8px.  

Updates, work in progress 6/9.

Minifantasy collection has so far 9 items, 6 of these have been already updated to the new standard (DungeonCreaturesForgotten PlainsDesolate Desert, Deep Caves and Towns). I will update the rest in the following days/weeks. 

As usual, I will keep you updated here.

Thank you!


Minifantasy_Towns v2.0.rar 791 kB
Nov 05, 2020
Minifantasy_Towns 1 MB
Nov 05, 2020

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