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Awesome work, do you also have ranged creatures except the snowman? :)

thank you! ^^

For ranged attack-able creatures, 'Creatures' in combination with other 2 packs of the collection ('Weapons' and 'Magic And Sorcery') adds bows and slingshot weapons, and various magic spells for Humans, orcs, elves, goblins, halflings and Dwarves (as layered additions).

In 'True Heroes' I and II there are also hero classes with ranged attacks.

Lastly, you also will find other exclusive creatures and monsters with ranged attacks in the Minifantasy Patreon archive (you unlock everything in the archive by becoming a supporter. New creatures are added every month along with other exclusive add-ons for the Minifantasy sets)

I hope this information helps! :)


Me encanta tu trabajo!, tengo una pregunta, si compro los sprites, los puedo usar comercialmente en un juego? se me vienen un montón de ideas a la cabeza con tan solo ver tantos sprites!

Muchas gracias Emitanc :) Si adquieres los paquetes puedes usar los assets en proyectos comerciales sin ningún problema. Si tienes cualquier otra duda déjamelo saber. Un saludo! 


I made a game using a few of your monsters and a couple of your tilesets for a class at university two semesters back. I decided to go ahead and upload the game now. So, here is a link! (I don't know where else to send it, I hope this meets your requirements, lol)

Very nice! Thanks a lot for sharing it here :) It totally meets the requirements :P


Worth  it the little dudes are so cool. 


I'm watching your work closely. Deeply impressed.

Thanks a lot for your words! I'm happy you like it :) 


pls make this free

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Hi  Rakshit Ranjan, I am very glad you like my work and I totally understand your point, but you also have to understand that I put many hours of work in making this asset pack. I'm an aspiring full time pixel artist and currently I'm investing all my time in different pixel art projects. Pixel art is my only income source. I think $ 2.99 is a very reasonable price for the amount of content offered in the pack, of course it is subjective and it might be very expensive for some people, and I totally understand that, but unfortunatly I'll not make this asset pack a free one. I hope you can understand my reasons.