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Hi Krishna, I just released a game with your weapon assets, just look at my profile page. I'am not sure how to contact you otherwise :) Keep up the good work.

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Do you have a pack including clothes and/or amour for these characters?

Hi! This is a commonly asked question. So I will repost an answer about it I shared recently:

"There are some outfits for the humanoid characters (human, elf, orc, goblin, halfling and dwarf) available in Patreon. But they are only covering the base animations: idle, walk, attack, dmg and die, and also the spell animations for the wizard outfits. The outfit system is very difficult to handle in an ever-growing open-ended collection like Minifantasy.

The reason is that I often introduce new animations for the 6 humanoid characters in new asset packs (for example, the crafting and professions asset pack include a lot of animations to use the workbenches, the fishing animation, bug catching animation, etc.) To maintain a collection of updated and usable outfits I would need to make new animations for every piece of the already existing outfits to match the newly added animations. It will just add more and more work if I decide to add a new outfit, as there are more and more animations being added.

As I would need to retrospectively update every outfit, it will lead to a point where I spend more time maintaining outfits than making new real content. That's why I decided to stop adding "official" outfits for the playable characters.

For the NPCs in the NPC pack, it is a different situation because those characters animations are limited and they will not receive new animations, So I don't need to worry about retrospective updates.

Other devs in the community using Minifantasy assets approached this problem making the outfits needed in their games adapting the outfits you can find on Patreon and in the myriad of NPC's pack as a template, manually or coding the rules."

I'm sorry for the inconvenience it may cause you. If you have more questions feel free to ask me :)

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Thanks for the quick reply. I understand why clothes would be an issue for further animations. I was just hoping there was maybe a pack that covered a few clothing options for the weapons bundle. Or possibly animations for the NPCs to use those weapons. I think I'll just be using little naked dudes. But thanks anyway. Incredible assets.

Edit: actually looking more into everything included I think I could make a great village/community building game. No worries.

Thanks a lot! Happy deving :)


Hi, can you add another payment method because paypal is not usable in my country


Hi, Ahmet Kusoglu. Thanks for reaching me. Unfortunately, I can not set up Stripe (the alternative to Paypal provided by itch) in the country I currently live. If you wish, contact me through Twitter @Krishna_Palacio to try to figure out an alternative.

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Yes, card payment method is provided by Stripe 

Hi! Are the weapon attacks in all directions?

Hi StormtrooperJon! Yes, attacks are in the 4 directions :)

Cool, thanks :)

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Hello, i am about to pledge you on patreon but i wanted to know will i get all the previous released exclusive content ? Will the coupon be appliable on the active bundle ?

Hello Arkeid0s! 

All exclusive Patreon content is available for $3 tier and above, including past months exclusives. Since the Patreon page is only two months old, I have released 2 exclusives (animated lava pit tileset for the dungeon and ancient statues for forgotten plains). August Exclusive will be released very soon! 

The 50% discount for patrons in already released packs applies to asset pack base price (becoming $1.50 per item instead of the usual $2.99). The discount doesn't apply to bundle price.

Thank you for considering supporting me at Patreon. If you have any other question let me know :)