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Hello, can the action of agriculture explain what is being done specifically, there are a few I can not see out

Excuse me for the later reply, you caught me on holiday ^^' 

The actions from top-bottom and left-right are:

- Ploughing

- Planting

- Watering

- Harvesting

- Feed cattle

- Milking 

- Shearing/pruning

- Meat harvesting

- Water Filling


Thanks for these packs, they look great. Do you have a color palette available so I can create my own assets to go along with these? Would be very much appreciated! Thanks.


Hi! Thank you ^^

I took note about your suggestion, I'll include it in every pack from now on.

I'll prepare it for you assap. You can find me in Twitter @Krishna_Palacio, it is easier for me to keep communications there.


This is very cool.

Thank you c4t51k!