August's 2022 Monthly Recap

This is a list of all the new content added to the collection last month.

New Asset Pack Release

If you joined Patreon last month, or earlier, I have already sent you a coupon to claim this pack on Itch. Do not forget to review your Patreon message inbox!

Patreon Creatures

Patreon Pack Features

Patreon Icons


Asset Pack Updates

Click on the update to read the changes. Download the pack again from Itch to have the most updated version.

Minifantasy Interactive Index Additions

  • Minifantasy - User Interface
  • Minifantasy - True Heroes I
  • Minifantasy - Crafting And Professions II
  • Minifantasy - A Myriad Of NPCs
  • Minifantasy - Castles And Strongholds
  • Minifantasy - Elven Kingdom
  • Minifantasy - Wildlife
  • Minifantasy - Mounts
  • Minifantasy - True Heroes II
  • Minifantasy - Dwarven Kingdom
  • Minifantasy - Builders
  • Minifantasy - Ships And Docks
  • Minifantasy - Magic Weapons And Effects
  • Minifantasy - Lost Civilization
  • Minifantasy - Lost Jungle
  • Minifantasy - Temples And Shrines
  • Minifantasy - Necropolis
  • All creatures (Old Patreon Archive)
  • Dungeon Lava Pit (Old Patreon Archive)
  • Ancient Statues (Old Patreon Archive)
  • Pyramids (Old Patreon Archive)

All the assets above have been added to the index and are now searchable by name, pack, type and tags.

visit the index HERE


Planned Content For September

Last month, the most voted Minifantasy theme by the Patreon community has been:

  • Minifantasy Scifi - Spaceship Derelict: The Minifantasy style interpretation of your favourite Scifi tropes. For this first time, It will be a dungeon-ish pack set in an abandoned spaceship, fully compatible style-wise with the rest of the collection!

To have a look at other Patreon exclusives planned for this month (Creatures, Pack Features and Icons), check out the Minifantasy Asset Priority List.

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