A look at last February’s Minifantasy

Hi Everyone!

This post is a little recap of what has happened in Minifantasy during the last month.

Main Minifantasy Asset Pack Release

Minifantasy - Ships And Docks

In February I introduced to the Minifantasy collection a complete tileset for creating sail ships, Minifantasy -Ships And Docks! Besides 2 premade layered ships ready to use, this asset pack includes all you need to make ships (including interiors) and docks, plus a wide range of props. 

The tileset for the ship's hulk is organised into 30 modules, allowing you to put together boats of different sizes and shapes quickly. The same goes for mast and sails, the pre-assembled option will help you to finish the base structure of the ship in just a few minutes. After that, you will just need to add some props (don't forget some cannons!) and you will be ready to depart towards the unknown ;)

At a personal level, I'm very satisfied with the result of this tileset. The variety of ships and docks you can make with the pack is very wide, and in my opinion, they are extremely detailed for an 8x8 resolution :P

February Patreon Exclusive Content

On top of the regular monthly Minifantasy asset pack published on Itch, I always make extra and exclusive content chosen by the Minifantasy Patreon community. Anyone joining Patreon on any tier level gets instant access to the entire exclusives archive!

Here you have a list of all the last month's extras already available in the archive:

New Creature:

  • Giant. An extremely big humanoid with incredible strength. They live usually alone in isolated mountains far away from cities or towns, unless they are hungry...

New Pack Features:

  • Dungeon Entrances. A variety of entrances that are usable on fields, and also in the dungeon to go to deeper levels.
  • Fountains. Animated fountains to decorate your towns.

New Icons:

  • Lockpick animated icons. For lockpicking and breaking locks
  • Status effect icons. Status icons for usual effects like bleeding, poisoned, rooted, petrified, etc.

Monthly Poll Results

Minifatasy Patreon Community always suggests and votes the upcoming Main Minifantasy asset pack.

'Minifantasy - True Heroes II' will be the next asset pack in the collection.

We will include 3 new archetypal heroes in this new Hero pack: the paladin, the cleric, and the bard. They will have all the usual base animations plus exclusive hero animations for their unique abilities.

The community also suggest and votes the exclusive content for Patreon. Some of the exclusive assets I will be making this month are a Goblin King creature, a forest hut tileset or more fishing gear icons, to mention some. 

 Feel free to check the sprite priority lists to see what is in the making. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yAknzhgndmByrLbhjLVUgnI6hGT_5K5wCHRzen6gCaM/edit

It was all from February, the new March content is already cooking; stay tuned for more super low-res goodness :)

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