A Look At Last December’s Minifantasy

Hi Everyone!

This post is a little recap of what has been happening in Minifantasy during the last month.

Christmas Event

During the holidays I published on Itch Minifantasy - Snowball Wars. It was free and only available for a limited period of time. From now on it will only be accessible from the Patreon archive! This cute mini asset pack swaps blades and shields for snowballs and gloves, to make an epic snowball fight between humans and orcs! It also includes winter tiles and festive props to celebrate Xmas in game :)

Once again, as the Halloween one did a couple of months ago, this seasonal pack was quite popular during the Winter sales. It's really fun to make these thematic mini-packs during real-world holidays!

Main Minifantasy Asset Pack Release

Minifantasy - Builders

Minifantasy - Builders offer a lot of assets to include a building system in your game, from simple ones to complex systems with several construction stages. It also brings 5 new crafting stations related to construction such as an architect table, stonecutter or brickyard. And animations for the 6 races of Minifantasy humanoids for building and working in the different crafting stations.

With this new addition to the collection, Minifantasy contains enough resources to make a survival game. Minifantasy - Builders, in combination with Crafting And Professions and Farm packs allows the creation of games ala Don't Starve and other top-down survival games.

December Patreon Exclusive Content

On top of the regular monthly Minifantasy asset pack published on Itch, I always make extra and exclusive content chosen by the Minifantasy Patreon community. Anyone joining Patreon on any tier level gets instant access to the entire exclusives archive!

Here you have a list of all the December extras already available in the archive:

New Creatures:

  • Demon Spider. Creepy Half spider half demon creature, similar in shape to Nerubians in World of Warcraft.
  • Mimic. A creature that can change its shape to mimic a different creature.


New Pack Features:

  • Tavern Interior. Expanded interior for Taverns
  • Wands And Staves Workshop. Craft from simple wooden ones to enhanced ones with gems and metals. It Includes working animations and item icons.

New Icons:

  • Aditional Cooking Recipes Icons. More cooking recipes for Crafting And Professions II

Coke And Code Secret Santa Gifts

During these special days, Coke And Code, one of our most active members in the Minifantasy community, decided to request some custom assets to share with the Patreon community.

  • Market Stalls. Make nice outdoor markets.
  • Desert Buildings. Populate the desolate lands with thematic villages.

Thanks Coke And Code for being so nice ^^

Poll Results

Minifatasy Patreon Community always suggests and votes the upcoming Main Minifantasy asset pack.

'Minifantasy - Mounts' will be the next asset pack in the collection.

expect animations for all humanoid races to ride many of the animals already existing in the collection, along with new exclusive ones only available in this new asset pack!

The community also suggest and votes the exclusive content for Patreon. Feel free to check the sprite priority lists to see what is in the making. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yAknzhgndmByrLbhjLVUgnI6hGT_5K5wCHRzen6gCaM/edit 

 It was all from November, a crazy month with a lot of new stuff and things going on. I can't think of a better way of closing the year. The new January content is already cooking; stay tuned for more super low-res goodness :)


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