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Question,. is it possible to become patreon without creditcard? Or can I do a 1 time payment of a year for example. and get access? I don't have a credit card and not bothering to get one. Any advice or some other agreement we can have? I see a few nice sprites in there... 

Hey Woomek, unfortunately, as far as I know, Patreon only accept bank cards (also debit). You can subscribe monthly, or also yearly with a discount, but again, you will need a bank card for doing so :( 

Can't I buy a few of them? I mean .. you created them haha :). Its because for example the wooden hut fits way more in the gamesetting i want to create, and it has black outlines. the farm does not so it's not really fitting the environment + player. (i made a combination of the regular player and the rogue) so it has black outlines. Is there any way we can arrange this or is this just a no no? 

please make me happy :D 


Hi Woomek, currently, Patreon exclusive content is only for Patreon supporters. All the content on Patreon has been created together with supporters thanks to voting monthly polls made with their suggestions. I make the compromise with my supporters of these assets being only available for Patrons. It's important for me to keep my word.

I can completely understand how this situation is somehow unjust for someone trying to join Patreon, but not being able to do so because of non-compatible paying methods (how it's your case) or others issues. But I also have to care for my community because without them Minifantasy will not be possible.

Another reason is that manually handling the distribution of Patreon extras to non-patrons is very time-consuming, especially if I have to send every new exclusive content (4 - 6 new add-ons per month) to people that can't access the addons archive. The archive is built-in Patreon and supporters get access to it automatically. If I make exceptions and have a list of supporters outside Patreon I have to manually send the content to them, or I have to manage another distribution channel for them. I have tried it in the past and it just didn't work out for me. I'm the only person managing Minifantasy project and time management is one of the biggest challenges.

I know it's not the answer you wanted to read, and I want to apologize for that because I truly understand your position, but I have to be firm here. I'm sorry. 

Maybe making a virtual debit card might be a solution for you to join Patreon. I don't know if that will work for you, but I know other Patrons have solved the issue that way.


As for the outlines for the assets, all the most recent asset packs include outlines for constructions and other natural formations sticking out from the ground. I'm currently updating old packs too to keep up with the standard. This month I have updated Minifantasy -  Forgotten Plains, so now the cliffs have the outline, and Minifantasy Towns, so now all the buildings in that pack have the outlines too.

Minifantasy - Farm is the next one on the list, it will be updated in the following couple of weeks together with Minifantasy - Desert. I hope it helps you in your Project :)

If you want to continue the conversation, you can PM me on Twitter @krishna_palacio anytime!


Hi Krishna! I am creating a game using your bundle, and its awesome. but I am missing something, i didnt open all asset packs so maybe you can help me, or tell me this is not created. 

A "border" for like a forest. like in pokémon you got the big trees shaping the map. And stuff like this i am missing in your asset packs. you got the filling but not the border or something. But please tell me if I am wrong and where to find it. ( i got the whole bundle so)  

Hope you got something for that :D! Great job nevertheless. 

Hey Woomek! Thanks for your kind words :)

The assets you are looking for are these ones, right?

As you can see this tileset is part of the collection of addons for Minifantasy available on Patreon. Every month the Minifantasy community decides the theme of upcoming asset packs and other exclusive add-ons.

If you are interested, the minimum subscription of $3 includes instant access to the Patreon archive with 90+ add-ons to expand your Minifantasy collection, along with other good perks.

Sorry for stupid questions, but: if i already bought complete bundle earlier (month ago), this content will be missing?

Hi Kotesto!

I publish a new asset pack every month. Every time a new asset pack is released the bundle price increases accordingly.

Buying the bundle doesn't give access to new releases. New asset packs published after purchasing the bundle have to be bought individually. 

Another option to get newly released asset packs is through my Patreon. All my Patrons get a new asset pack every month at no extra cost, apart from the Patreon subscription, along with other perks.

If you have any other questions related to the bundle or the asset packs do not hesitate to ask me anytime.

Nice work!

Thanks Netherwave! I'm glad you like it :)