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Damn you for having such a great style!

Jokes aside I couldn't stop myself from getting the complete bundle. I'm a hobbyist game developer who already has far more assets than I know what to sanely do with considering the time I have to devote to my hobby but after stumbling upon your assets I couldn't stop myself from ensuring I have access to what is already available. 

If I ever manage to actually put together a coherent releasable game I'll be coming back for your exclusive content but at least for now I cannot justify the regular payments. Thank you for your creativity and for allowing it to fuel mine!

Have a great 2023!


You made my day :) Thanks a lot for sharing your mind here. I can totally relate to the "hoard'em all" thing xD I'm one of those too! 

I'm glad you like Minifantasy, I hope the little dudes and the tiny sets bring happiness and inspiration to you ;)

If you have questions or need anything, you know where to find me!

The animals are cool, but kinda wished you did more with NPCs. Would like to see like more rpg style apparel and weapons and stuff.

Hi Nickideums, thanks for the feedback! I totally understand your point, but I would like to explain to you how the themes for new asset packs are decided. 

Minifantasy content is entirely suggested and voted by the Minifantasy Patreon community. Every month Patrons can suggest different elements depending on their tier and then we run polls with the suggested stuff to choose the new asset packs and other Patreon exclusive Minifantasy content. I basically work making what the majority of the community wants/needs.

I understand the system is not perfect. but I believe it satisfies the needs of the vast majority, and also it works as a good compass to know what other devs outside the Patreon community may find useful.

I'm sure rather sooner than later an asset pack more focused on the stuff you mentioned before will be chosen. Minifantasy is ever-growing ;)

Well done!

Thank you :)

Amazing work my friend!

Thanks Wurmhole ^^ I'm glad you like it