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Just a quick question: do you intend to make, in the near future (as in 'less than six month'), a pack for multiple seasons?

Hi Ashizian!

All the content I make for Minifantasy is community driven. All of it is suggested and voted by the Minifantasy Patreon community members. This includes all new Itch asset pack releases and also all the Patreon-exclusive sprites.

So, answering your question, as I don't have a personal road map for what is coming in the near future, I can't tell what exactly I will be releasing in the following months. I will work on whatever the community suggests and votes.

However, we already have in the collection

+ An asset pack with snow (

+ Some birch trees with autumn foliage in this pack ( including variations of it on Patreon (

+ A summer/beach Patreon exclusive (

+ Different grass types that could be used on the ground to represent the changes on it through the seasons.

With a little bit of editing + mixing and matching different assets already present in the collection, I believe it's possible to have seasons.

Yeah, don't worry, that was exactly what I planned to do. :)

I asked because I could have waited a little, if something was already on the pipe. But, since I'm not a patron (yet), I cannot see what is up to vote for next release. Oh well, I will do it anyway and if there is a pack one day, I can simply add your work into my own.

Thanks for your time,

Hey Ashizian! You can check the asset priority lists at this link even if you are not a Patron.

There are 4 tabs, Theme tab refers to the next main asset pack release (for this month it will be Minifantasy - Necropolis). The other three tabs (icons, pack features and creatures) are the priority lists for the Patreon-exclusive sprites.

Thank you again, :)

just keep in mind that in the list for the Themes, the points reset every new month (they don't carry on votes from month to month), So Raided Village will not necessarily be the next main asset pack after necropolis.

Are the minifantasy tilesets designed with autotiling in mind?


Hi! Yes, ground tilesets are organised in this way sliced in an 8x8px grid to cover all possible tile connections. You should be able to configure tiling rules in your engine to use auto tiling without problems.

You can download the free asset packs Minifantasy - Forgotten Plains (this asset pack) and Minifantasy - Dungeon to check if they fit your needs. Other asset packs in the collection follow the same standard. 

If you have other questions feel free to ask :)

ok thanks :)

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Please add information on palette used, # of colors, etc… some of us are building for retro systems with only 16 or 32 colors, etc… that’s a huge detail to not know.

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Hi Josh, thanks for reaching me. For Minifantasy I don't use a specific colour palette. I freestyle my own palettes for each pack depending on what I think fits better. Also, I don't limit the number of colours I use for a given pack. I understand your concerns, but Minifantasy might not be the best option for retro systems. I'm sorry for the inconveniences it may cause you 

Too bad. Awesome work.

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Hi there, i just finished a prototype with your game assets. Minifantasy Survival RPG by Netherwave63 ( Hope I use your assets properly ;)

Amazing work! It looks gorgeous :) Those bats in the cave hit hard xD

Thanks for giving it a shoot :D

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Is it okay if I just use the character and none of the other things?

(for a non-commercial game I'm making)

Of course 00Her0! Feel free to use as many of the assets as your project requires ;)


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Hi there, I really love this fantastic assets! Just got the bundle pack few days ago. I am ady use it for my little rpg project that I want to build along while learning game development. There is one suggestion from me, maybe can consider adding user interface asset pack as well in the upcoming update? I would love to see it And it will be cool. Anyway, I just want to say thanks and please keep up the good work! Cheer 😁

Thanks for your support Netherwave! I'm glad you like my work :)

The upcoming asset packs in the collection are usually chosen by my Patrons, some of them propose themes that are added to a monthly voting poll. Then everyone votes on which will be the next pack in the collection from that pool of options. However, I will keep in mind your suggestion, I think it will make a great and useful addition for Minifantasy :D

I hope I can play your RPG some day in the future! I wish you the best in your project and your learning process :)


Hi Krishna, thank you for your feedback. 

I would like to ask is there a way can i get patreon only content? I actually plan to join but my payment just didn't go through anyhow. This really make me down for the day xd

Hi again Netherwave!
First of all, thanks a lot for considering joining us at Patreon :) I'm very sorry you're having problems with the payment method.
Since Patreon exclusive content is that, I don't have it available on any other platform. However, if you can, contact me through Twitter, FB or Instagram @krishna_palacio. Let's try to fix it out! :D

Hey, fan of your sets, got them in the bundle and am planning on using them for a ORPG project I am working on. I was wondering if it would be too much to request a 8X16 sized tree besides the one you designed for this specific package? I am not a fan of the tree that came with it. 


Hi! Thanks for your support :)

I added your request into my to-do list. I will try to update it soon. I will let you know here once it is available ;)

Thanks a lot!

Hi again Nickideums. Recently I have been making new trees for the newest asset pack in the Minifantasy series. Also, I was experimenting with smaller tree designs to be added to this asset pack because you were requesting them. Unfortunately, after some testing, I don't feel like an 8x16px tree fits with the whole collection. For now, smaller trees will not be added. I hope you understand.

yeah, it's fine. To be honest I was really asking you to make my own life easier. 

I've been working on a BYOND project using your tile sets and part of the thing I was doing was trying to design procedurally generated clutter and terrain. 

The trees were giving me a hard time for awhile because of their size and shape, but I've actually managed to get them to work.


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Hi, I had a question for you. I really like the Minifantasy assets. I wanted to ask about the "re-distribution" part of your license. On engines/platforms where it is not possible to embed assets (Phaser, for example) does the exposed state of the assets violate this re-distribution rule? Or does that only apply to re-distributing the assets for other people to use?

Hi Jeremyglebe, 

Im happy you like my assets :) 

I'm not familiarized with Phaser, but what the license terms mean is that you shouldn't used my assets to sell or distribute for free to other people.  But you can use them to make commercial or non-commercial video games or other audiovisual projects. 

Im no really sure if that answers your question, if you need to ask me more detailed information we can chat at Twitter @Krishna_Palacio

Have a good day! 

I do not have Twitter, unfortunately. :(

Some engines do not use embedded or archived images. This means that hypothetically someone who downloads/buys the game could simply take the images out of the game's folder. While this is not intended (and would be a violation of the game's license as well) it is not hard to do.

Some licenses require that assets be hidden or archived in some manner, which means that the assets simply cannot be used with engines that would leave them exposed.

Your license does not specify that assets must be hidden/archived/embedded, so I wanted to be clear if I could make a game which is not intended to distribute your images, but in which people may be able to obtain the images easier than if they were archived.

To be totally clear what I mean, this is what the file structure might look like with non-embedded assets:

And finally: The reality is I would actually like to use these assets in particular for an academic project. So I wouldn't even really be "distributing" it in the traditional sense. Rather, several people at my university would see the game and in theory could extract it's assets. (Though I would note that they should not)

Thanks for the detailed explanation Jeremy.

The license doesn't have any engine restriction. You can use the assets :) 

Great assets. Made a game prototype using it.

I'm glad you like the assets. Thank you for sharing your prototype with us! :)